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ANT 301: The Mobile Phone: Home

As an accompaniment to Dr. Foster's ANT course, this library guide is meant to assist students in working their way through the libraries' resources to successfully complete their writing/research projects.

Sample research topic, with strategies moving forward

Research question: In what ways has the West influenced the power and status Blackberry technology holds in other regions of the world?

What kind of data could help support this research topic? What resources would help us locate this kind of data? What strategies would help us be successful in finding what we need through those resources?

Literature review /

Past studies

Anthropology - Anthrosource, Social Sciences Full Text

Business - ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier, MarketLine Advantage

Communication/Psychology - Communication & Mass Media Complete, ProQuest PsycInfo

Political Science - Public Affairs Index, Political Science Complete

Google Scholar

  • Start with a few key terms
  • Brainstorm similar terms or examples of those concepts (e.g., smartphone or cell phone but also iphone, blackberry, samsung galaxy)
  • For database search screens with multiple lines, add one concept (+ alternate terms) per line
  • Look for subject headings that express your concept in a different way and add those back into the search
  • Some databases offer suggestions for related materials
  • Search through the bibliographies of your most promising sources to identify related studies
  • Find the books, chapters and articles that have cited your most promising sources to see who has used that original information to further investigate a related topic
Content analysis

AP Images (UR library access)

AP Multimedia Archive (UR library access)

Browse through old magazines likely to contain relevant images

Google Images

Targeted Google search for digital collections

  • Search for images that depict a concept you're looking for
  • Target illustrated magazines, websites, and digital collections that focus on your topic (broadly or specifically)
  • Make sure that you know where the original image source comes from (and that it hasn't been altered or been placed out of context)
  • Search the literature as well for studies that include content analysis or investigate the use of images

Many databases and collections of data sets through the Business LibGuide and the Data and Statistics LibGuide

Targeted google searches that focus on statistics, specific websites, country sites, and more

  • Sometimes you'll need to think broadly about the topic of a data set that will contain the more granular subset of information you need
  • Newspaper databases can help identify polls and surveys that you can then seek out online for the original data


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A few sample searches


Political Science database search Results from a search - From Online Candidate to Online President
Database search through Communication & Mass Media Complete

Result from a search - LOLZ with Hillz: Neoliberal Power Circuits in the Divahood of Hillary Clinton

Result from a search - Obama's Blackberry, or This is Not a Technology of Destruction

Result from a search - The Political Power of Social Media

Result of a search - Trail to the chief

Google search for political cartoons Google results list for political cartoon sites and collections
Google search for presidential digital archives Google image search for Obama with his Blackberry
Google search for cell phone usage by country Google results - statistics on cell phone usage per country
Google search targeted to the Pew Research site Google results from the Pew Research Center
Google search for cell phone statistics limited to one country's websites Google results for Ghanaian statistics on cell phones