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BRN 475 - Marketing Management: Home

Library resources suggested for this class.

BRN Program statement

Grüß Gott to our students in Switzerland! I want you to know that even though I am physically and temporally somewhat far away, you should still feel free to call on me for assistance with any research for your classes. Our online resources are extensive and top-of-the-line, and accessible, obviously, everywhere and at any time. The library is no longer a static place, we are an anywhere and anytime resource!

Resources for this class

A couple of books on this specific topic, then a link that will generate a list of additional titles (many of them ebooks: accessible no matter WHERE you are! :)

Try the following databases if your research is more consumer or "daily life products"-oriented:

The following databases are our best resources for hi-tech or medical/pharma market research:

The following are additional possibilities; frankly, I don't find theses databases usually as good as the ones listed above, but wanted to give you as many options as possible:

If you can't find a report specifically on your product/project/industry, you may have to search the article databases for articles about your product/project/industry, that include a statistic here and there. Yeah, I know, it's a lot more work! Here are your 4 best bets for business articles, in the order in which I would try them:

Hot Tip! To narrow your search just to articles mentioning numbers, etc. from Euromonitor reports (a source we don't subscribe to) - try searching for your product (say, coffee) in the Subject field, and the name Euromonitor in the *full text* (you'll have to change the field dropdowns for both terms). Works like a charm.

For quick numbers, especially on "hot" or "trendy" topics, try Statista:

For more traditional kinds of demographic or "business stats", try the following databases:


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