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Library resources suggested for this class lab.

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We’ve done our best to select the most pertinent materials for these Course Resources pages, but if these are not helping with your topic/project, we encourage you to use the Schedule an Appointment link in the Profile box on this page.

Resources for this class

The following databases are good places to go for finding articles on computers and information systems from a business point of view:


The following databases are THE places to go for finding material on computers and information systems from a computing point of view:

The databases here are listed in order by how focused on the IT industry they are - from Gartner (devoted to IT) to Frost & Sullivan (good portion on tech/IT), to IBISWorld, which covers the whole range of industries (including IT).

The resources provided here are my "best guess" for what you might need. And it may be that everything you need is supplied to your by your professor, no need for library resources at all. But if there's something else you need, please let me know, and together we will improve this resource guide!


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