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Chm 406 - Interface of Chemistry & Biology

Library Resources and strategies for Chm 406 - Interface of Chemistry & Biology

Handouts for Library Day

CHM 406 Research Idea – Suggestions for Topics for 1/22 Exercise from Professor Bren

  • New or improved method for detecting an antigen – could be directed to a specific antigen, or more generally
  • Mimicking an enzyme function with a synthetic small molecule
  • A computational approach to identifying protein mutants with predicted properties (i.e. higher stability, different function, etc).
  • Understanding the functional implications of a particular RNA-protein interaction
  • Development of a new fluorescent probe of protein-protein interactions, or of a receptor-drug interaction
  • Using small molecules to interrogate complex biomolecular structures
  • Development of vesicles for peptide drug delivery
  • Development of small molecules that influence activity of a particular enzyme of interest
  • Development of new fluorescent molecules that detect calcium flux in cells
  • Design of a new biocatalyst for hydrazine synthesis
  • A new computational approach to simulating motions of very large biomolecular complexes
  • Effects of electron transfer through DNA on gene regulation
  • Nucleic acid-based sensors for nerve gases