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Library resources suggested for this class.

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We’ve done our best to select the most pertinent materials for these Course Resources pages, but if these are not helping with your topic/project, we encourage you to use the Schedule an Appointment link in the Profile box on this page.

Resources for this class

Hmmm.... "entrepreneurial finance." So what does this mean? Presumably, that's what you will find out in this course-! But I wanted to let you know about some basic resources available to you, if you want to read up on/investigate further this idea of finance in the entrepreneurial sector. Here are some suggestions:

The above are just a few possibilities - for more, try searching the Library's online catalog (by keywords in the title or keywords anywhere in the record). You can do it right from here, using the search box just below this text. Hot Tip! try searching:

entrepren? finance     - as Title Keywords. The "?" is the wildcard character used in the library catalog.

What do the finances for a company like yours look like? Either now, or "when you grow up" (and become the next Google :). CB Insights is great for finding out about funding rounds, investors, that kind of thing, for both small AND large private companies. PrivCo is the only place you will find things like income statement and balance sheet information for private companies (private companies don't have to report, so they don't! How PrivCo ferrets this information out is their "secret sauce"). OneSource would be your source for large public companies, anywhere in the world (it covers smaller companies too, but the big publics are its strength).

You might also want to find out more about the "space" in which your idea/business fits - i.e., do some industry research:

If you need to find out about the financial "norms" for a particular industry - the following two databases are designed to do exactly that:

Tweezing market or industry research information out of articles

If you can't find a report specifically on your company/product/industry in our market and industry research databases, you may have to comb the article databases for articles about your company/product/industry, and scan them for data: a statistic here, a percentage there. Yeah, I know, it's a lot more work! Here are your 4 best bets for business articles, in the order in which I would try them:


Also of interest...

Just a few of our many resources for statistical data, in order from "most local and focused" to "most wide-ranging and possibly odd."


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