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Google Doc URL

Go to this URL for the Google doc we'll be using for the group work part of this session:

Finding targeted blogs, tweets, etc.

To Find BLOGS, try

 Google Advanced Search/News/Settings /All News-Blogs:



  • Go to Twitter Advanced Search:  
  • Enter Your Terms



To Find YouTube VIdeos: Go to Filter Section of YouTube:

To find MULTIPLE forms of Social Media Posts with Light Analysis, go to Social Mention

Other Sites and Sources for Locating Filtered Social Media, Anecdotal, Expert Opinions on the Open Web

 A specialized focused search engine designed to locate journalists and associated experts on virtually any desired topic, including business subjects. Expertise and authority are based on a person’s frequency of his or her discussion of the targeted term or topic on certain social media sites. The database includes over 1 million journalist and media contacts, 200 million news articles, and 1 billion tweets

Enter a topic to find "key influencers" from large and small media organizations, and some bloggers, by individual name

Creates a personalized news feed on what news sites, tweets, and other sites people you are connected to (and who connects to them) are reading and clicking on most often

Perform advanced keyword searching on thousands of discussion boards on the open Web




Tips & Strategies to Evaluate Information Sources


  • Understand: facts vs. opinions; science and scientific consensus
  • Get a second, third, confirming source (but beware of confirmation bias)
  • Check fact check sources: Snopes; Politifact; FactCheck
  • Go to any original source material where possible
  • Do a Google search on the individual: who are they affiliated with; what positions have they taken in the past; where else written, spoken, etc.
  • Contact the person to ask your own questions to assess knowledge

Beware of/ Be extra cautious of:

  • Brand new Twitter accounts
  • “hot button” political topic rants and appeals to anger

Be more confident if the person:

  • was referred by a trusted person/source
  • leads you to greater understanding and insight

Business Librarian

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Robert Berkman

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Social Sciences Librarian

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Stephanie Barrett
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