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WRT 105 Human Happiness (Phillips): Library Session

PIcking your topic is research

What makes a good article?

Comment on one of these three sources. If you're working on a paper on happiness and achievement and their relationship, would you use these sources? Why or why not? 



Author: Thomsen, A

Title:  Expectation in relation to achievement and happiness.[Article]

Source: The Journal of Abnormal & Social Psychology. 38(1):58-73, January 1943.


Title: Happiness as stable extraversion: internal consistency reliability and construct validity of the Oxford happiness questionnaire among undergraduate students

Authors: Mandy Robbins, Leslie J. Francis and Bethan Edwards

Source: Current Psychology. 29.2 (June 2010): p89.


Title: Examining Relationships between Academic and Social Achievement Goals and Routes to Happiness

Authors: Walker, Christopher O; Winn, Tina D; Lutjens, Rachel M

Source: Education Research International, 2012, Volume 2012



Citation Tracking: Finding articles by citation

Once you have one (or more) useful article on a topic, use the references at the end of article to find more sources on your topic using our Citation Search tool.  This helps you see what was written previous to your current article, often called citing backward.

Use Google Scholar to see who has cited your article after it was published.  This helps you see what has been written after your article was published, citing forward.