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Search Strategies

This video talks about tips to refine and narrow your search results. Using Boolean operators, parenthesis and quotation marks can vastly alter (improve) your search results. 

Getting Started- Articles & Books search

Search Articles & Books or the UR Catalog to find books in the University of Rochester Libraries and online.

  • Articles & Books searches much of the library's content in a single search.
    • Search settings can be changed on the results page.
    • To limit to just books, select Book/eBook on the left of search results.
    • To further limit to just ebooks, also select Full Text Online.
  • UR Catalog identifies a variety of library materials, including books, but it does not identify articles.

If the library doesn't have a book you want, request it via Interlibrary Loan. We'll get it for you, often in less than a week. (Learn more about UR Interlibrary Loan in this YouTube video.)

Ebooks Help Guide

If you are having problems using any ebook from the library, feel free to


Citation Tracking: Finding articles by citation

Once you have one (or more) useful article on a topic, use the references at the end of article to find more sources on your topic using our Citation Search tool.  This helps you see what was written previous to your current article, often called citing backward.

Use Google Scholar to see who has cited your article after it was published.  This helps you see what has been written after your article was published, citing forward.

You can also do this in databases such as Scopus and Web of Science.

Literature Reviews


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