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Chm 275 - Chemistry of Poisons

Library resources to support the work of students in chm 275.


  1. Tips for editing existing text
    1. Go to the existing page and copy the sections you are updating to your Sandbox
    2. Make changes and develop the content in your Sandbox. 
      1. Include citations
      2. Include links to other relevant Wikipedia pages
      3. Remember to keep the writing style neutral. From Wikipedia: "Instead of essay-like, argumentative, or opinionated writing, Wikipedia articles should have a straightforward, just-the-facts style. The goal of a Wikipedia article is to create a comprehensive and neutrally written summary of existing mainstream knowledge about a topic."
    3. After you have received feedback from your professor, move your new content from the Sandbox to the existing page
      1. Check for any updates to the page (under View History)
      2. Click Edit on the existing page
      3. Add your updated content
      4. IMPORTANT, from Wikipedia: "When you have finished editing, you should write a short edit summary in the small field below the edit box. You may use shorthand to describe your changes, as described in the legend." The edit summary helps future editors understand what changes you made.
  2. How to insert hyperlinks to other pages
  3. References
    1. Discuss what kinds of sources are appropriate for citation.  Primary vs. secondary literature.  In Wikipedia, primary sources are not scholarship about something, they are the artifact, letter, the artwork, the novel - more humanistic point of view.  
    2. Inserting Quality References in Wikipedia Format 
    3. Using a Reference more than once
  4. Images
    1. Finding Images
    2. Creating Images (use ChemDraw, Adobe Illustrator, PPT or Canva and save as PNG, SVG, or JPEG)
    3. Uploading Images
  5. Creating a new article and Creating a table of contents
  6. Explaining/ recording what you’ve done: Briefly describe your changes.  DON'T FORGET.

Wikipedia Style, References and Linking

Chemistry on Wikipedia

Research vs. Review Article

Research Article: Primary literature article where the main focus is research, experiments or theory similar to a lab report.  The article is narrow in scope and often cited within reviews.  It is less connected with the literature discussion.   The authors describe experiments that they did.  A methodology/ experimental section is included.  

Review Article: Secondary literature where the main focus is the literature and what is being discussed on a topic.  They are often cited within background or introductions of research articles to help others come up to date.  They are a good entry point into the literature on a topic and are broad in scope similar to an encyclopedia article.  The authors summarize and evaluate other research.  Methodology could include what searches were used and what documents were included or excluded and why.  

Is My Source Scholarly?

Source Level

Here are a few criteria for determining if your source is scholarly:
Author(s) credentials - are they experts working or teaching in this field of study?
Length - is it a few brief paragraphs or a longer, more substantive article?
Language - is it written for other scholars in the field?  Do they used specialized or technical language specific to this field of study?     
References - is the author(s) citing other scholars in this field of study? Do they have a robust reference list?
Journal or Book Type - If it's a journal article, what kind of journal is the article is published in?  Is it a scholarly journal, or even peer reviewed?  If it’s a book, is it published by a university press or other well-respected commercial publisher known for publishing scholarly works?

Wikipedia Images

Public computers have Adobe Illustrator.
Images should be SVG, or PNG, or JPEG.  


Wikipedia Table of Contents & Sections

General resources