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Images: Finding, Using and Citing

Creative Commons Licenses

Free images

Use the Creative Commons Search to find images you can share, use and remix, including for commercial purposes.

  1. Add your keyword to the search box
  2. Select the apropiate option if you want to modify the image or use for commercial purposes
  3. Select the platform that you want to search: Flickr, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, Open Clip Art, etc.
  4. Click Search

Enter your search query:

use for commercial purposes;
modify, adapt, or build upon.

Search using:

Free images in digital collections

Use the links below to find free images in digital collections from libraries, museums and universities.

Copyrighted images for academic projects at University of Rochester

Most of the images in the collections below are copyrighted, but they can be used for educational purposes within the University of Rochester. They cannot be used for public consumption (websites, blogs, social media). Check the copyright information of each image before using.

Reverse image search

Do you need copyright information about an image? Do you have an image that you do not know where it came from? Upload your image to one of the applications below and do a Reverse Image Search.

Free image and design applications