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ANT 102/ANT 216 Medical Anthropology: Home

As an accompaniment to Professor Metcalf's ANT course, this library guide is meant to assist students in working their way through the libraries' resources to successfully complete their writing/research projects.

What constitutes an ethnography?

Is this an ethnography?

Need Inspiration?

Are you unsure of what your topic should be? Get ideas by using Browzine. 

Step 1: Go to Browzine

Step 2: Search for Medical AnthropologyBZ Search


Step 3: Pick on the of journals UR has access to and browse away!BZ med anth journals

Which of these are ethnographies?

Anderson, B.A. (2014). Sojourner: Life stories of a global health nurse. In Mary De Chesnay (Ed.), Nursing Research Using Historical Methods: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing (137-174). New York: Springer Publishing Co.

Mselle, L. T., & Kohi, T. W. (2015). Living with constant leaking of urine and odour: Thematic analysis of socio-cultural experiences of women affected by obstetric fistula in rural tanzania. BMC Women's Health, 15. Retrieved from​

Muleta, M. (1997). Excerpt from Obstetric fistulae: A retrospective study of 1210 cases at the Addis Abada Fistula Hospital. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 17 (1): 68-70. Retrieved from:

Ruder, B.J. (2012). Shattered lives: Understanding obstetric fistula in Uganda. Retrieved from ScholarsArchive@OSU.



Scholarly vs. Popular

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