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PH 116 Intro to the US Health System: Home

Picking a Topic

Picking a Topic - Often you will need to conduct some exploratory research to decide if your research question could have a viable thesis. 

Forming a Search Strategy

Forming a Search Strategy - The most common issue in research arise when forming the search strategy itself. By spending time a little time creating your search strategy and applying Boolean operators you will obtain results far more relevant to your research question.


Applying Your Search Strategy in Article & Books

Applying Your Search Strategy in Article & Books - Public Health literature is often interdisciplinary. As such, you should spend some time understanding what databases contain the literature that will be relevant for your specific topic. Databases such as PubMed won't always have the information you are looking for, especially if you are focusing on the social determinants of health. Searching in Articles & Books first is also a great way to refine your search strategy and understand which terms are used most often in the literature for your topic.


Searching in Databases

Searching in Databases

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