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MUSC 205: Music in New Worlds: Home

Global Encounters in the Age of Discoveries, 1492-1800. Prof. Cashner

Welcome to the Art/Music Library


Welcome to the Art/Music Library. Please ask us for help! Our librarians and student workers at the desk can help you find resources and information. 

Visit us here!

  • The Art/Music Library is located on the ground floor of Rush Rhees Library. All scores (M call numbers) and music books (ML and MT call numbers) are located on the open shelves within the Art/Music Library, as are current copies of our music magazines and journals.
  • CDs are kept in the back and may be requested from the desk. LPs are stored in the Art stacks. 
  • Recordings may be listened to in the Art/Music library or checked out for a limited time period.
  • Reference books are located in the rear left nook.
  • Finale and Sibelius music-writing programs are available at two of our work stations. Please ask at the desk.

About this course


After 1492, Europeans and other peoples around the globe began to discover each other in new ways, and music played a vital role in their encounters. This course equips students to develop a global perspective on music in the early modern era. Through case studies in Latin America, New England, China, and Africa, students will gain insight into the ways people use music as an agent of political and religious power in processes of cultural exchange and conflict. The course examines how missionaries and colonial leaders mixed musical cultures to build new social structures; and how colonial subjects responded creatively, in collaboration or resistance, to shape hybrid identities. We will study musical practices from both sides of the encounters, including Chinese and Native American musics and exported European practices like religious choral music and popular dances.  Meets in the Robbins Library or hands-on engagement with rare books and manuscripts. No prior musical knowledge is required.

Government Information, Economics, Law and Music Librarian

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Kathy Wu
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I am available for one-on-one consultation, which will be conducted at Rush Rhees Q&i desk.

I am also the librarian for the English for Academic Purposes Program.

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