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WRTG 105 Sharing Culture: A Dialogue (Armoskaite): Home

Finding Indigenous Sources

It can be difficult to find indigenous sources. 

Your strategy should include finding spaces where their perspective is valued. 

Download this worksheet

Choose one of the following sites and answer the questions below

1. What topics are highlighted on the site? 

2. Are there suggestions for finding works by indigenous authors?

3. Are there suggestions for citing indigenous voices?

4. Who authored these pages, and how can you tell if they are experts?

Why do we cite?

Formal Assignment 2

Formal Assignment 2 (Annotated Bibliography) Requirements

  • At least 5 peer-reviewed papers
  • Diversity in papers chosen
    • From different authors & different journals
    • At least one paper authored by someone from outside the U.S.

Link to Class Worksheet

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