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WRTG 105 Modern Love: FA#3 Resources

Formal Assignment #3

Requirements for types of references:

  • Minimum number of references:  8
  • Minimum number of scholarly references:  at least 5

Popular vs. Scholarly

How to put sources in conversation with each other

BEAM Framework

Sources for FA3 - Google Doc

Citing Sources Using MLA or Chicago

Manually Create Citations

Use a reference manager to do it for you! (highly recommended)

Picking a Topic is Research

Articles & Books

Articles & Books






  • When viewing your results use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow them by type (journal article, book, etc.), discipline (women's studies, law, history, etc.), and others



Exploratory Research Tips

  • Do some reading before settling on a research idea.
  • Background information is great - in the form of Wikipedia or encyclopedia articles. These can give you a solid overview of a subject. Wikipedia can also provide citations you can then refer to when conducting more intensive research to find resources you'll actually be citing in your paper.... hint, don't cite Wikipedia itself!
  • Do a general Google search - You might find ideas you never would have thought of, from different ways to narrow your topic to different types of information sources that could be relevant for your topic.
  • Don't jump into the specifics of a topic before you have a general understanding of all it encompasses - this will make the research process much harder!
  • Think of this stage of research like speed dating - try out a few topics and see if any of them are worth pursing further!


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