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LaTeX Workshop: Day 1

Developed for the 2015 CIRC Summer School workshop on LaTeX.

Agenda for Day 1

  • Introduction to LaTeX
    • Some history and what we're working with
  • Basic document structure
    • Required elements of a LaTeX document
    • Classes, titles, sectioning, etc.
    • How some commands work.
  • Some basic formatting commands
    • inserting math, some text formatting, dealing with special characters.
  • Practice: reproduce a PDF and play with different options.
  • The Error Message Only Looks Scary
    • Identifying common errors, like missing brackets or mistaken commands, and what "badness" is.
  • Exercise: find the errors.
  • Discuss exercise and homework

In-class documents

These files will be useful for the different activities we'll do in class.

Homework for Night 1

There are two things I want you to do before the next class:

  1. Skim through some of the resources on the LaTeX Resources tab above. We'll cover a chunk of this material on day 2, but there's a lot out there.
  2. Further examine the error-ridden document to see if you can fix what's there. Once you've found all you can, check the exercise solutions above to see what else there was.

Also, if you have time, try out some of the commands we discussed today! Tomorrow, I'll have a more extensive homework exercise that will have you practicing much of what you've learned. In the meantime, play around with LaTeX, try out some of the things we discussed today, and see if you can resolve any errors you come across!