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LaTeX Workshop: Day 2

Developed for the 2015 CIRC Summer School workshop on LaTeX.

Agenda for Day 2

  • Debrief on Day 1
    • Errors exercise
    • Any further questions
  • Packages: some examples
    • geometry
    • graphicx
    • hyperref
    • float
    • How to find more
  • Tables
    • tabular environment
    • table 
  • Figures
    • \IncludeGraphics
    • figure environment
  • Referencing labels
    • in many contexts
  • Splitting up large documents: input and include

In-class documents

The next five documents are a set for practicing inputs. Download them all into the same folder.

And the last five are for practicing includes. Also download into the same folder.

Homework for Night 2

This will be another version of the exercise we did on day 1. Please reproduce the below PDF as best you can. I've provided some shell .tex documents you can flesh out to make it work, as well as the image file.

Be sure to use input commands and the appropriate float environments!