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* Russian Studies

Guide to Sources for Russian Studies at the University of Rochester Libraries

Russian literature and culture

Face of Russia Timeline - Traces the general chronology of Russian culture and history. From PBS.
Routledge Companion to Russian Literature. Cornwell. N. Routledge 2001. In addition to online access via ebrary, there is also a print copy.  (Rhees Stacks PG2951 .R68 2001)
Cambridge Companions Online  Full-text collections of high quality, introductory essays covering a wide range of disciplines. Search across all the Cambridge Companions series online, including the following volumes on Russian literature and culture, which are also in print in the library:
Cambridge Companion to the Classic Russian Novel. 1998.  Print edition in stacks at PG3098.3 .C33 1998
Cambridge Companion to Modern Russian Culture
.  2nd ed. 2012 (1st ed.,1998 in print at DK32 .C33 1998 Rhees Stacks)
Cambridge Companion to Twentieth Century Russian Literature. 2011. Print edition in stacks at PG3017.C36 2011
Cambridge Companion to Dostoevskii. 2002. Print edition in stacks at PG3328.Z6 C27 2002
Cambridge Companion to Pushkin
. 2007. Print edition in stacks at  PG3356 .C36 2006
Cambridge Companion to Tolstoy. 2002. Print edition in stacks at PG3410 .C28 2002
Cambridge Companion to Nabokov. 2005. Print edition in stacks at PG3476.N3 Z596 2005
Cambridge Companion to Chekhov. 2000. Print edition in stacks at PG3458.Z8 C36 2000
Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology. 2008. Print edition in stacks at BX320.3 .C36 2008

Dictionary of Literary Biography - online database with full text biography, criticism and bibliography for writers from all eras, nationalities and genres. The online edition is the most current, however the following print volumes cover Russian authors and may also be consulted  in print at PN41.D52 in the Rush Rhees Level B Lounge:

v. 150: Early modern Russian writers : late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries,
v. 198: Russian literature in the age of Pushkin and Gogol. Prose,
v. 205: Russian literature in the age of Pushkin and Gogol. Poetry and drama,
v. 238: Russian novelists in the age of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky,
v. 272: Russian Writers Between the World Wars,
v. 277: Russian Literature in the Age of Realism,
v. 285: Russian Writers Since 1980,
v. 295: Russian Writers of the Silver Age: 1890-1925 
v. 302: Russian Prose Writers after WWII,
v. 317: Twentieth Century Russian Emigre Writers.


Russian film

BFI Companion to East European and Russian Cinema 
This print dictionary includes short entries for people, concepts and institutions that include key facts and areas of interest or debate on each subject. A seven page introduction to the history of Russian film is provided under the heading "Soviet Union (Former). Rhees Stacks PN1993.5.E2 B44 2000 
Kinoeye Archive 
Includes links to film databases, online journals, and reviews as well as sites dedicated to specific films, festivals, and directors. 
Iskusstvo kino 
Key Russian language film journal. Includes archives back to January 1997.

KinoKultura: New Russian Cinema
Online journal publishes articles, news and reviews of current Russian cinema. Formerly a website maintained at the University of Bristol. Maintains links to up-to-date information on Russian films, both new releases and films in production.