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IB Extended Essay - Library Session: Using UR Resources

DiscoverUR Catalog Search

Use the Catalog Search in DiscoverUR to search specifically for books or journal titles or other materials available at the University of Rochester Library. Use the full Articles, Books & More for searching for article authors and titles.

Multidisciplinary Databases

Recommended Resources and Article Databases for Psychology & Human Rights

Recommended Article Databases for History

Science & Health Article & Book Databases

In addition to Articles and Books, UR Catalog and multidisciplinary databases, here are some additional search options that especially helpful for Science & Health topics.


Encyclopedia Articles:


Health Topics:

Science Topics: 

Recommended Article Databases for Literature & Arts

Citation Tracking: Finding articles by citation

Once you have one (or more) useful article on a topic, use the references at the end of article to find more sources on your topic using our Citation Search tool.  This helps you see what was written previous to your current article, often called citing backward.


Use Google Scholar to see who has cited your article after it was published.  This helps you see what has been written after your article was published, citing forward.



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