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IB Extended Essay - Library Session: Using Articles & Books Search


Articles & Books searches many of the library's resources at once. This is a powerful, fast research tool!

For IB Extended Essay, you can search from off-campus, although you won't get full text. But, you can click "Preview" to see abstracts of articles! Make your list of sources you'd like to download before you get to campus! 

Enter your keywords in the search box.

Search Faster

  • Search phrases using quotation marks
    • example:  "to be or not to be"
  • Combine words with AND, OR, and NOT in capital letters
    • example:  microcircuits OR nanocircuits
  • Substitute * for several possible letters
    • example:  child*     ...will find child, childhood, children, etc.
  • Complex searches may combine elements--in which case, use parentheses around OR terms
    • example:  homeless AND (healthcare OR "health care") AND (adolescents OR teen*)


Refining Search Results

Saving Search Results

To save your search results, you can click on the quotation mark to capture the citation, the chain icon to get the link, or click the envelope to mail yourself the citation. The folder icon is for a temporary place to hold your files, but it clears out when you are out of wi-fi or when you close your browser, so it's not recommended for saving items over a few hours.