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WRT 105 RAGE! Voicing Frustration and Constructing Rage (Nikolis): Library Session

Hierarchy of Journals

Ranking Exercise

Directions: As a group, skim through the following articles and determine if they are scholarly or not scholarly.  Take only 1 minute or less to decide if each article is scholarly.

Based your decision using the following criteria: 

  • Author’s credentials
  • Length of the article
  • Language used by the author--is it scholarly, written for other scholars in the field?
  • References--how many and what kind?
  • What kind of journal is the article published in? 

1. Tennant-Moore, H. (2014, Fall). Bad feminists. Dissent, 61, 10-14. Retrieved from  

2. Waters, L. (2005). Literary aesthetics: The very idea. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 52(17), B6-B9. Retrieved from 

3. Elizabeth, K. M. (1998). Feminist attacks on feminisms: Patriarchy's prodigal daughters. Feminist Studies, 24(1), 159-175.

4. Sourdot, L. A., & Carpenter, B. S. (2009). (Over)turning the tables: Aliens in america as a curriculum of identity construction and (multi)cultural violence. Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, 27, 107-121. Retrieved from

5. SavaƟ, Ö., & Stewart, A. J. (2019). Alternative pathways to activism: Intersections of social and personal pasts in the narratives of women’s rights activists. Qualitative Psychology, 6(1), 27-46. Retrieved from

6. Roxane Gay on politics, identity and the need for precise language. (2017, Feb 15). Targeted News Service Retrieved from  

7. Feminism is dead, he said. (2014, Feb. 3). Occasional Planet, Retrieved from

Reading strategies for vetting sources for close reading

Library Sessions