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ANTH 233 Cultural Politics of Prison Towns: Home

Turn a table on paper into data you can work with!

  1. Download Tabula:
    • Tabula will download as a zipped file, you'll need to extract all the files into another folder
    • To open Tabula, click on the Tabula application file
  2. If you don't have Java installed on your computer already, Tabula will prompt you to do so
  3. Prepare the image you wish to use - Tabula will only work with PDFs that have readable text
    • If you've taken a picture with your cell phone, print the file to a PDF first (change printer destination to PDF)
    • Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat (available on all computers on campus)
    • Make the text readable in Adobe by going to Tools --> Recognize Text, choose In This File
    • Save the file 
  4. Upload the file to Tabula - this will take some time
  5. Click on Extract Data button when file is uploaded
  6. Select the table you wish to extract then click Preview and Export Data
  7. Save the file

Note: Always check the extracted data against the original, then revise as needed!

Resources for Demographics & Other Statistics

Explore Census Data- Provides access to data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. The data comes from several censuses and surveys.

Social Explorer - Provides interactive tools to create maps, presentations, and analysis of U.S. and international data, including census, health, crime, religion, and business.


Site Searching

alden site search

Additional Statistics Resources by Subject

Comprehensive Data Sets & Statistics Guide

Find Relevant Archival Collections

Find Digital Collections 

e.g. for Auburn try: (prison OR "correctional facility" OR jail) AND auburn NY AND (archive OR "digital collections")

google search for archives







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