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Data science resources, from finding ebooks and blogs, to finding raw datasets and analysis. Learn about data science resources, analysis, communities and data management. Also learn about hte datasets openly available and dataset purchase program.

Research Data Support

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Arjay Romanowski
Carlson Library

GIS Research Support

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Blair Tinker
214 Rush Rhees
Subjects: GIS

What We Do

Research data services: As scholarly pursuits has become more and more data-intensive and collaborative, data management requires more and more of a researchers' most precious resource: time. We can help you manage your data more efficiently and comply with funder and publisher requirements for data management and sharing through:

  • Guidance on creating data management plans
  • Reviews of draft data management plans
  • Assistance choosing appropriate archival storage for data, including on- and off-campus repositories
  • Consulting on preparing, documenting and sharing data for yourself or your team/labgroup


GIS support: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software allows researchers to create maps, visualize spatial information, and perform spatial analysis.  As the use of these tools becomes more pervasive, all types of researchers, from the physical sciences to the humanities are integrating various aspects of GIS and spatial analysis techniques into their projects.  If you are a researcher looking to use GIS we can help you:

  • Locate publicly available spatial data
  • Create your own spatial data layers
  • Choose the appropriate software for your research
  • With GIS training and troubleshooting
  • Manage and manipulate spatial data sets
  • Support GIS in your teaching