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* Digital Scholarship: HTML & CSS

What are HTML & CSS?

The World Wide Web is built using three core technologies:

  • HTML: the HyperText Markup Language, which encodes text and other kinds of content, and lays out the content in a structured form.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets, which controls the look and feel of HTML, such as the typeface, color and size of the elements.
  • JavaScript: which controls how websites function, such as animations, editing interfaces, and other interactive aspects.


Call Numbers

  • QA76.76.H94 (Carlson Library 3rd floor, Rhees Stacks 400, Art & Music, MAG)

Learning HTML & CSS at UR

How do I get started with HTML & CSS?

A great way to get started coding HTML and CSS is to create an HTML file on your desktop using a plain-text editor (such as Atom, oXygen, or TextMate, or even Notepad), and then open that file in a web browser. Browsers such as Safari and Chrome have sophisticated developer tools built-in that can help you see what your code is doing.

Web Resources

Free web-based courses