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* Digital Scholarship: Python

What is Python?

Python is a highly popular programming language which emphasizes readability and concision, and a kind of zen for programmers. Among its many features are libraries for mathematics, natural language processing, and text mining.


Call Numbers

  • QA76.73.P98 (Carlson Library 3rd floor, POA Library, and Rhees Stacks 400)

Learning Python at UR

How do I get Python?

Accessing and using python depends on the operating system of your computer:


  • Python is can be downloaded and installed from


  • On a mac, python is already installed and ready to go. However, due to the number of add-on features and libraries your script may need, it's a good idea to install Homebrew and then using that tool to install a separate copy of python. See these instructions from The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python.

Linux (e.g., Ubuntu)

Mobile & Chromebook

  • In most cases, python is not installed on mobile devices in a manner that can be accessed by a user. However, you can install a mobile-friendly terminal app (such as Prompt from Panic Inc.) and then connect over the network to a server which supports python, such as UR's BlueHive cluster.
  • Jupyter ( is a web app hosted by CIRC which lets you write and test python scripts through a web browser. You can sign up for an account here.