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ANT 102/ANT 216 Medical Anthropology: Brainstorming Session

As an accompaniment to Professor Metcalf's ANT course, this library guide is meant to assist students in working their way through the libraries' resources to successfully complete their writing/research projects.

Browse for Potential Topics

Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology

Get ideas by using Browzine. 

Step 1: Go to Browzine

Step 2: Search for Medical AnthropologyBZ Search





Step 3: Pick one the of journals UR has access to and browse away!BZ med anth journals

Search within Specific Journals

From the library website (, enter journal name and search

journal search





Choose journal, scroll down and enter the keyword (or place name) you wish to search with:


Google is Your Friend!

If you're still having trouble, brainstorm by completing a simple Google search for:

  • Specific DISEASES or DISORDERS, then add in a LOCATION

Read through Wikipedia articles, you won't be able to use them for your paper, but you can gain some context and see citations for sources that can be helpful for your paper.




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