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PSC 233 Innovation in Public Service S Jordan: Digital Media CreationTools

Tools for Creating Digital Media

What type of information would be useful to visualize? 

Use your topic proposal, annotated bibliography or a draft of your paper to pinpoint two or three important elements or messages or two or three complex pieces of information which, if visually presented, could help your readers better understand the information.  Brainstorm ways you might visualize these for your reader.  Then select the two most useful for your readers as your exhibits.

For example, this bit of test from HUD’s “Worst Case Housing Needs 2017” report packs in a lot of information.  A visualization might help to "unpack" it for your reader:

It could be visualized this way:

Use the examples below as a springboard for developing your own exhibits for the website.

Create Wordpress Page(s)

Once you've created your two exhibits, create a page where you can embed or link to them.  Do this by navigation to the course wordpress site.  Select Pages, then "add new."