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Reference Managers: LaTeX

Supporting students who want to manage their references and easily create in text citations and reference lists


Thanks to Mark Herman and Dr. Rebecca Glover for links and guides.

For More Resources, see Tyler Dzuba's guide on LaTeX.

Reference managers that work well with LaTex

Install LaTeX for Mac OS X

For Mac OS X, MacTeX is the de facto standard. You can download the distribution package here:

This will install a number of things in your /Applications/TeX folder, including a text editor called TeXShop, and a package manager called TeX Live Utility. First, we'll get your packages up to date.

Open TeX Live Utility (/Applications/TeX/TeX Live and let it analyze what packages you have and what updates are available. Once it displays a list of packages, navigate in the menus to Actions > Update All Packages. Once it's done, you can quit TeX Live Utility.

Install LaTeX for Windows

For Windows, Tyler recommend using the MiKTeX distribution of LaTeX. To install, follow the directions below or directly from the MiKTeX website:

  1. Go to and select the Basic MiKTeX Installer.
  2. Run the installation program. During the installer, you will need to select your preferred paper size. Select Letter. You can always switch to A4 as needed for non-US printers. The other default options are fine.
  3. Once the installer is complete, you can close it. Now, you'll need to let MiKTeX check for any updated packages that have happened since the installer package was produced.
  4. Go to Start > All Programs > MiKTeX 2.9 > Maintenance > Update.
  5. All the default options are fine. Click Next to let MiKTeX check for any updates. If there are, select all the boxes and click Next. Once done, click Next and exit the wizard as the prompt indicated.

Once you've done that, you should have a working LaTeX installation. MiKTeX comes with a text editor that makes typesetting LaTeX documents super easy.

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