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* Classical Greece and Rome: Guide to Research

This subject guide provides reliable resources pertaining to the study of Classical Greece and Rome, including the study of Latin and Greek languages.


Hello! I'm Eileen Daly-Boas, and I'm here to help you discover the best (and most efficient) ways to do research. I'm happy to meet with you in person, or via email, chat or telephone. I've provided step-by-step instructions for your research projects, and links to other helpful UR sites in the tabs at the top of the page

Finding books and articles about Greece and Rome

Use these databases to discover books and articles on Roman art and architecture. You can search for them in our catalog, but if we don't have them, you can request them through Interlibrary Loan:

Getting started: encyclopedia and introductory works

 If you're getting started on your topic, begin by checking out these encyclopedia and bibliography databases in the next section. They'll provide you with a basic background for your topic, and a list of important papers published on your topic.  This is a great time-saver.

In the left-hand column, you'll find links to databases that have material on Roman art and architecture.

When you have a list of books or articles to search for, you can search from our Articles & Books tab on our homepage:

Sources on Greek Literature and History


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