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ME 241 - Fluids Lab

For Wednesday, January 23

Your assignment for Wednesday, January 23 is to find an article to bring with you to our research workshop during your regularly scheduled lab. A scholarly article is great, but if it's a new topic you're just learning about, remember to consider starting with a science article geared for a more general audience. We'll use this resource as a jumping-off point for finding more resources related to your research assignment. Here are some links to get you started finding general audience science articles:

Finding scholarly articles

If you have a citation for a specific article that we have online, I recommend using the Libraries' eJournal Finder to navigate through the journal, volume, issue, and article:

To search more broadly for scholarly literature:



Standards establish rules or measures (either minimum or optimum) for a quality or level of performance. Searching standards can be tricky: ask if you need help!

Material Properties

Products and Manufacturers

Other Mechanical Engineering References