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ASLA 204 Theory and Practice of Sign Language Interpreting

Develop a Topic

Explore Reference Sources

Reference sources such as scholarly, discipline-specific dictionaries and encyclopedias can be a great place to start your research. Explore entries of interest to build background knowledge on a topic and uncover major arguments and perspectives. Be sure to check out the bibliographies for relevant entries – they can be a great place to find scholarly resources. Here are a few scholarly reference sources to get you started:

Browse Journals

One way to find inspiration is by browsing through academic sources in the field. What have scholars recently published? What themes do you notice? What articles spark your interest? Use the links below to explore journals that often include research on sign language interpreting.

Search Subject Terms

Library catalogs and databases often include "subject terms," tags assigned to a source to convey relevant themes. Researches can use these subject terms to find related sources, but they can also be helpful when choosing a topic. Below are some sample subject terms that are used for scholarly literature on interpreting studies. Check them out to see if you can find articles of interest.

Discover Sources