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BCSC 310 Senior Seminar (Kurumada)

Information related to the video assignment in Professor Kurumada's course.

Finding Images & Icons

Google Image Search

You can narrow your image search in Google to openly licensed sources.

  1. Enter your search term, and choose Images under the search box on your results page.
  2. Click on Tools (under the search box, to the right).
  3. Click on Usage Rights, then Creative Commons licenses.

This is not 100% accurate, so please check the image you choose to make sure it is indeed openly licensed, but it gives you a good starting point.

Finding Music & Sound Effects

Finding Open Videos on YouTube

To find openly licensed videos on YouTube:

  1. Do your keyword search.
  2. Under Filters (near the top of the search results), choose Creative Commons (listed under Features).
  3. You will see the license description listed under the video description.

The default YouTube Creative Commons license is CC BY, which only requires that you attribute (or cite) your source when you use the video in your own work.