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CMTI Resources Guide: Home

Resources recommended for this program.

Business Librarian

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Robert Berkman
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Learning Initiatives; Rush Rhees Library, 500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd. Rochester NY 14627

Biomedical Engineering Librarian

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Moriana Garcia
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Carlson Science & Engineering Library #313D

Resources by TYPE OF INFORMATION Provided

The tabs in this box provide lists of databases by the type of information they provide: if you are scoping out a sector for your product, try the sources under the Industry/Market Research tab; if you're looking for news stories try the Business News & Articles tab; for companies try that tab... etc.

The tabs are arranged (roughly! ;) by frequency of use for entrepreneurial questions:  Industry/Market Research and Company  information are usually what people are looking for first; when more information is needed in either of those areas your next step should be to look for news or articles... etc. Make sense? If you have suggestions, please let me know!

Best Databases for Industry Research (in all areas except consumer goods - for that, see further down)

The first group of databases are keyword searchable:

Next: multi-industry resources, but you must pick-from-a-set-list (not keyword searchable).

Best databases for consumer-oriented Market/Industry research:

If you can't find a nice pre-packaged report... then it's off to the article databases for you! Seriously, the article databases are your best bet for picking up anything that's been mentioned in trade publications, news, etc. about [your topic]. Go to the resources listed under the tab "Business News & Articles."

Company Directories of particular interest to Entrepreneurs: 

Possibly also of interest:

Databases that provide News - newspaper articles, press releases, and similar:

Databases that provide Articles - arranged by the amount of popular vs. scholarly content they offer.

(i.e. ABI/Inform offers the greatest mix of contents: news wires, popular magazines, trade journals, reports, and some scholarly journals. ScienceDirect and the  Web of Science contain only articles from scholarly, highly-researched, peer-reviewed journals. Strangely enough, they still fall in alphabetical order. )

Databases that provide Working Papers (and other different kinds of documents):

Medical data:

"Hot Topics" data/stats:

US Business and industry stats:

US Demographic (consumer/market research) data:

Local funding sources:

Venture Capital information sources

(Both how you might find it, and how other people have found and used it)

Should you need this information: SEC filings, including 10-Ks

The USPTO provides a pretty understandable explanation of the Patent Application process.

Check the following resources for basic information on Patents and Patent Searching:

Once you have:

Then you're ready to write a business plan. Here are some sources for Sample Business Plans:

You'll need to create a budget and financial projections for your plan, so it might help to look at the financials for other, similar companies (that might represent "what you want to be when you grow up"), find out what the typical ratios are for your line of business, and then explore which Angel Investors or Venture Capital firms might be appropriate to approach with your plan:


Financial Ratios

Who is funding the current start-ups and private companies?

You might want to search directly in the e-book collections below for other titles:

SUBJECT Specific Resources

Entrepreneurship Organizations

Library Resources and Services