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* Earth & Environmental Sciences

Quickguide to EES Finding Data

Getting started with environmental data

Tips for searching for data:

  • Do you need to manipulate it?
    • Many resources provide data back files, and many more merely provide summaries as PDFs. Know what you need as you search, to prevent headaches down the line.
  • How current do you need it to be?
    • Summary statistics and raw datasets both can be susceptible to time lags.
    • For the most up to date weather and climate data, NOAA and the USGS can bring you to current raw datasets.
    • For the most up to date maps and satellite images, NASA is a good place to start.
  • Need it to be global?
    • Start with UNEP and


Energy Data

Geoscience Data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Geotechnology

Agriculture Statistics

Selecting a Data Repository