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Business Resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Current Issues: Algorithmic Justice, Covid-19

Resources, and search strategies for researching diversity, equity and inclusion in business. Topics covered include workplace diversity, entrepreneurship, ethical issues in the finance, health and high tech industries and current topics

Current Issues Resources

This segment of the DEI in Business LibGuide is one that is regularly revised to reflect 2-3 of the most timely and pressing issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion of relevance to business. As such, it will be reviewed and updated at least once per semester; more often as needed.

For the Fall of 2020, there are three current issues for which we have curated our top resources:

  • Algorithmic Justice
  • Covid-19
  • # Black Lives Matter Movement

Depending on the issue and how new it is, our resources may be more oriented to journalistic and news items, and less to scholarly texts and works as the latter may not yet be available.  Note that we are also interested in hearing of your own suggestions on current topics you would like us to cover; and if you have an idea please email me directly at

Finally, I am also using this segment to add a few selected resources for researching broad economic issues that relate to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: these are the kind of macro and systemic matters that impact wealth and income among marginalized population.

Algorithmic Justice

If you are not familiar with the phrase, "Algorithmic Justice" is a newly coined term about concerns surrounding the fairness and equity of how algorithms operate, and the circumstances where non-transparent decisions on what an algorithm measures, and what constitutes as "success" can cause harm to certain vulnerable populations.


All of the following books are available from UR Libraries.



The following journals regularly or frequently cover topics related to issues surrounding algorithms and equity:

Additional Publications

The below publications, while covering broader areas and geared for a wider audience, are also recommended for staying up to date regarding algorithmic justice news and analysis


As the topic of potential bias and discrimination in algorithms is a current topic, you will often want to find the timeliest news and discussions, which are typically found in recently published articles. You can and should do your own searches to find the latest news, but here are the latest relevant items we have found as of September 2020. NOTE: We will be updating this section on a monthly basis:

Government Agencies



As has been noted by many observers during the current Covid-19 pandemic, the virus has not so much  or "only" created inequalities in our country, but has laid the existing disparities bare. The following are the resources for learning more about the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable populations, and how it is exposing inequities.

Note that because this is such a new issues, there will still be few books available (at least as of September 2020); the best sources remain, at least through 2020, recently published articles or reports, as well as your own ongoing searching to uncover new items.

Book Chapters


Research Reports and Associations

Government Agencies

Black Lives Matter Movement

Since the death of George Floyd, the BLM movement has been having an impact on a wide range of social, cultural and business parts of society. There are resources that describe how companies are rethinking and readjusting their policies and ways of doing business to respond to the movement.

As with Covid-19, this is a very current and fluid area, and for the Fall 2020 semester, your best sources are likely to be timely ones such as news items, magazine articles, Web sites, conferences, and social media influentials. Below is a list of resources we found that are relevant to this topic.

Google Search Tips

As this is a fast changing topic, some of your best results will be obtained by doing focused, keyword searches on Google to surface the timeliest and most relevant results.

We have created a custom Google search that will help you locate these articles, and you can put the following URL in your browser to surface these:

You will note that the precise search that this URL will create is the following:

businesses OR corporations "black lives matter" OR BLM 

which, roughly, informs Google to return any pages that mention EITHER the word "businesses" OR "corporations" AS WELL AS the phrase "black lives matter" OR BLM--AND has been updated or published in the last month.

You should consider experimenting/adding your own words and phrases based on the specifics of what you want to find. So, for example, if you were looking to zero in on hiring, you could simply append the search along the lines of the following:

businesses OR corporations "black lives matter" OR BLM  hiring OR recruitment

Macro Economic Issues