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WRTG 105 What do people do all day? (Schmied Towsley)

Agenda and Objectives


  • We will meet the librarian who has been assigned to the class! 
  • We will familiarize ourselves with the library website
  • We will go explore the library spaces
  • We will locate some library materials


  • We will be able to locate the information needed to contact our librarian
  • We will be able to describe some of the resources, support, and services that the library offers
  • We will be able to physically navigate the library
    • in order to determine different workspaces within the library
    • in order to locate materials within the library

Directed Free Write


As people come into class, please write down your thoughts about the following prompts (one, a few, or all! Up to you): 

What is an academic library? What purpose does it serve? 

What is a library resource? 

What library experience do you have? 

What research experience do you have? 

We will have a few people share out in about 5 minutes

Library Website Activity

The librarian will divide you up into 4 groups. Note which group number you have been assigned to, and open the handout. 

To edit the handout, please go to file> make a copy.

Fill out the column for only the section you've been assigned: 

  • Group 1 -- Research Consultation
  • Group 2 -- Subject Librarian
  • Group 3 -- Course Reserves
  • Group 4 -- InterLibrary Loan

Step 1: Go to our library website

Step 2: Navigate the library website to locate information about the section you've been assigned. You can work together in your table groups to complete this. You will have about five minutes to work-- more time if needed :) 

Step 3: When you have filled out your column, we will each share out what we discovered. Write down the information for the other columns, so that by the end of the share-out, all columns on your handout are filled in


In The Spaces

In this activity, we will get out and explore the spaces that the library has to offer!

The librarian will divide you up into groups: 

  • Group 1 will start in Lam Square
  • Group 2 will start in Gleason
  • Group 3 will start in Periodical Reading Room / Great Hall
  • Group 4 will start in iZone

Suggested: within your group, determine amongst yourselves who will be: 

  • the navigator (holds the maps)
  • the note-taker (writes down observations on the handout) 
  • the time-keeper (makes sure you are back in the classroom on time) 
  • the presenter (who speaks during the share-out at the end of our time together).

Step 1: Go explore! Spend 5-10 minutes in each space noting your observations. Once you have completed/noted the observations about the space, got to the next stop on your map (on the paper handout the librarian gives you) 

Note: The Q&i desk is in Lam Square, so you can talk to the student worker when you get to the Lam Square stop :) 

Step 2: Come back to the classroom when about 15 minutes remain in our time together (regardless of whether you're finished or not) and we will discuss your findings!