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WRTG 105 What is Human Nature? (Stauffer)

Before You Begin


Some of you may be familiar with the research process, and some of you may be new to the research process. No matter what your experience is with research, I highly encourage you to explore this guide-- you never know where you might learn something new! 

Getting Started

Things and Terms to Know: 

Research Consultation-- Meet with a librarian and talk through your assignment! Any question you have is the most interesting thing to us. PLEASE schedule an appointment if you hit any hurdles with your work! We are here to help! 

DiscoverUR-- this is the name of our library search function; the way you can locate any item we have in the library! Articles, books, and more (both physical and electronic sources) can be found through this. DiscoverUR searches all the databases we have to find sources that are relevant to your search. 

Database-- These are typically more discipline-specific than DiscoverUR and can be very helpful when you want to search within a specific topic or field of study. Databases collect and organize information, often

Scholarly Source-- these sources consist of journal articles and original research that helps to contribute to the body of knowledge about a particular topic. These articles and research are created by scholars or experts in the field. 

Peer Reviewed-- When a scholarly source is created, peer review is when the new source is verified by team of experts in the field. Experts check the work of other experts, making these one of the most trustworthy sources you can find! 

Interlibrary Loan-- Sometimes the library doesn't have a specific item you want. That's okay! We have an Interlibrary Loan system which means our library ask another library to send that resource along! Whether it's a physical item or an electron scan, we can still get it for you! 

Bringing Your Ideas Together

Your Research Paper is a confluence of the most important points from the research you do! You get to join in on the scholarly conversation and contribute your own analysis to the body of research out there. 

Rather than summarizing the articles, your research paper should aim to pull together the various topics to create a cohesive and original analysis or argument. You are presenting your own idea, using expert and scholarly sources to ground your reasoning. 

PIcking your topic is research