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CHEM 436 - Applications of Organometallic Chemistry to Synthesis I

Library resources to support the work of students in Applications of Organometallic Chemistry to Synthesis.

Finding Full Text Journal Articles

Quick Article Finding Tools

Strategies for finding full text articles from a citation/ reference.

  1. Try to find the DOI - Digital Object Identifier - and put that into Google for quick access.
  2. Copy and paste citation into "DiscoverUR" or Google Scholar.
  3. Link to article using a DOI or Find@ UR from a database.
  4. Decipher the abbreviated journal title using the CAS Source Index.
  5. Search the full journal title in DiscoverUR ex.  "Journal of Organic Chemistry." 
  6. Browse for the journal in Browzine Online or App. 
  7. Install LibKey Nomad browser plugin for linking.   
  8. Try different variations in the "DiscoverUR" Advanced Search, Citation Linker, Google Scholar or Web of Science if the citation is wrong.
  9. If there is no online version, request a copy through Interlibrary Loan Service.  Articles often come in a day or two.

Deciphering Your Citation

Tip from Sue: If your citation is wrong, try Google Scholar or Web of Science and look at similar citations.

DiscoverUR Catalog Search

Use the Catalog Search in DiscoverUR to search specifically for books or journal titles or other materials available at the University of Rochester Library. Use the full Articles, Books & More for searching for article authors and titles.

Need More?

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