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* English: WWII/Post Modern

Voyager: British Literature

Here is a sample list of books in Voyager. 

Web Resources on British Literature

Here is a list of some major titles in WWII British Literature. List is derived from "World War II: A Comparative Study through Literature" (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)

- Bonham, Frank, Burma Rifles, Berkeley Paperback, 1960. A Japanese-American becomes a member of Merrill’s 109 Marauders in the China-Burma-India Theater and fought against prejudice as well as the enemy.

- Boulle, Pierre, The Bridge Over the River Kwai, Vanguard Bantam paperback, 1954. Colonel Nicholson, compelled to build a bridge by his Japanese captors, so loved his masterpiece that he could not contemplate its destruction even by his own countrymen.

- Brinkley, William, The Ninety and Nine, Doubleday, 1960 (nonfiction). Adventures on a LST, including the transporting of supplies, nurses, refugees and German prisoners.

Here is a comprehensive review of Post-War Literature in English: 1945-1990. (Open Courseware of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Voyager: American Literature

Here is a sample list of books in Voyager. 

Web Resources on American Literature