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Open Scholarship

Replicability / Reproducibility Crises

Increasing the reproducibility of scientific data is one of the main drivers of new requirements for Open Science and Open Data on scholarly publications.


The Center for Open Science is behind several initiatives that support reproducibility in the sciences and social sciences:

  • Open Science Framework - Free and open source project management repository that supports researchers across their entire project lifecycle. 

  • Registered Reports - Journals offering Registered Reports agree to review study protocols before experiments are conducted. If the protocols are judged to have merit the journal commits, in advance, to publishing the outcomes.

  • Preregistration - When you preregister your research, you're specifying your plan in advance, before you gather data. Preregistration separates hypothesis-generating  (exploratory) from hypothesis-testing (confirmatory) research.

Baker, M., Baker, M., & Penny, D. (2016). Is there a reproducibility crisis? Nature, 533(7604), 452-454. doi:10.1038/533452a

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