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GSWS 189 - RELC 189 Sexuality and World Religions (Yarbrough)

Accessing the Class Wordpress site

To access the dashboard and post to the blog use this link:

Logging into the Blog: Your username will be the the first part of your email address that comes before (e.g. for the email address,, the username would be jelmore).

First time users: You should have received an email from WordPress <> with instructions for accessing the site for the first time.  You'll be able to set your own memorable password the first time you log in. If you didn't see this email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder!

Have Wordpress related questions? Email Justina  

Answers you should know:
Q: What if I forget my password?     A: Go to the blog link above and click on "Lost password"


Public link to the digital project: 

Library Session Hands-on Exercises

Because we cannot all log into the wordpress site at once (it overloads the system), we'll break the class into 3 groups and work on the following exercise for so hands-on practice in developing ideas for your digital projects.

Exercise 1: Creating your first post 
1. Log in and change your password to something memorable (it's recommended that you not use your Active Directory password).
2. Create a new post and introduce your topic idea in just a few sentences.
3. Select at least one tag that is applicable to this topic.
4. Add the category “Introductions” and save your post as a DRAFT.
Remember, these introductions are viewable only to our class. Should any be accidentally published, they will be suppressed before any content is made public.  This is just for us to gain some experience making posts, so you’re comfortable completing your digital assignments.

Exercise 2: Selecting Themes, Tags and Categories for your project
First, navigate  to the public site and explore it with the following questions
1. Think about your project idea(s) for this course. Then navigate to the public view of our course website and click on the "Explore Themes" tab.
2. Look through the posts on the site for some of these themes, list two posts that explore similar themes or issues to your own project idea.  Explain how your idea is/will be similar or different.
4. Take a look at categories assigned to these posts and note at least two potential category listing for your project idea.
5. Take a look at the tags - list all the tags that seem relevant (at least at this stage) to your project idea.  Are there any tags that you would need to add?  Explain why a similar tag would not work instead?

Exercise 3: Medium and formats for your project
Think about your own digital project idea(s) for this course.  Then navigate to the public view of our course website and explore the different formats and tools that past students have used to create their projects.  Next, use the “Media Creation Tools” tab on this class library guide to explore some of the tools there.  Determine which medium/tools you’d like to use to create your project (at least at this stage). Are there other multimedia tools or a format not used in any of the posts that you'd like to try? Try looking for images in the public domain or shared under a creative commons license that you might use for your project.  Be sure to capture the url and license information (see examples of photo credits on the About this project tab of our Wordpress site). This is your chance to explore options and think creatively about how your end product will look!