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WRTG 105 Comics & Culture (Mohn)

Library Session Handouts - Concept Map & Next Steps

Scholarship As Conversation


Reading strategies for vetting sources for close reading

Citation Tracking: Finding articles by citation

Once you have one (or more) useful article on a topic, use the references at the end of article to find more sources on your topic using our Citation Search tool.  This helps you see what was written previous to your current article, often called citing backward.


Use Google Scholar to see who has cited your article after it was published.  This helps you see what has been written after your article was published, citing forward.



 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License by Justina Elmore, University of Rochester

Developing Search Terms

This video explains how to break down a topic into unique concepts and then brainstorm possible search terms for each. You can do the same using this handout for researching a topic.