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* News: Finding News

News Sources

 This guide can help you get started in finding news sources for your topic.  You can also find recommended news sources within the subject guides specific to each discipline.  For international news sources, use Google Translate or Bing Translator to decipher information in other languages.

Special Topics

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International & National (non-US) News

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US National & Regional (outside NYS)

  • 19th Century U.S. Newspapers - Full text of American newspapers from the 19th Century.
  • Accessible Archives - Full text of many 18th and 19th century American newspapers and magazines, including North Star and Frederick Douglass’ Paper.
  • America's Historical Newspapers - Full text of American newspapers from colonial times to the 1920's. Also known as Early American Newspapers. From Readex.
  • Archival Films & Newsreels Video Collection -Throughout modern history, cameras have recorded public events, wars, cultural phenomena, and government programs. This collection is a treasure trove of archival and historical films from multiple sources
  • Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers - This site allows you to search and view newspaper pages from 1880-1910 and find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present.
  • New York Times - 1851-2013 - Full text articles published in the New York Times from 1851-2006 via the ProQuest platform.
  • New York Times Article Archive - The complete backfile of The New York Times can be searched from, over 16 million articles in all. The database gives free access to articles from 1857 to 1922, and after 1987.
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers - Full text - articles, ads, pictures - of New York Times (1851 - 2011) & other major papers. Click "More" link for their names.
  • Washington Evening Star - Alternative Name(s) & Keywords: Evening Star. A long-running daily afternoon paper published in Washington D.C. between 1852 and 1981
  • Women’s Periodicals of the Nineteenth Century, 1845-1865 - This collection spans the antebellum and Civil War eras and highlights Westward expansion and the temperance and abolition movements. Included are periodicals from a number of female authors and publishers who helped to establish women's active role in American social and religious movements. Notable long-running publications include: Dickens' Household Words and Valuable Whispers, Godey's Lady's Book, The Ladies Repository, and Peterson's Magazine.
    Women’s Periodicals of the Nineteenth Century, 1866-1891 - This collection spans the later part of the 19th century and a broad range of subjects and places of publication - from Southern religious and cultural periodicals to Northern domestic and parenting magazines. This material documents how women in particular struggled to recover from the Civil War during the years of Reconstruction. Featured titles include: Harper’s Bazaar, Southern Review, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Hearth and Home, The Agitator, True Woman, and Woman’s Advocate.
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NYS & Local

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Major News Databases


Search Google for Official Sites by Locale


Advanced Search

When looking for official country, state or city websites, a good rule of thumb is to limit your domain (within the advanced search) to the appropriate abbreviation.

For country sites, refer to a list of country-specific domains.  Add your topic to Google and add site:fr (if France is the country of choice).

For state sites, limit the domain to state.state (i.e. Add your topic to Google and add

For county/city/town sites, the process isn't as cut and dry.  Try adding your topic, the name of the city of interest and limit to the appropriate state.  For example, a Google search might be health Rochester  Some cities/towns will list their websites under of (i.e.  Others will use a .org (i.e.,,  Even still, cities may refer to the broader county is which they're located (i.e.,