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CASC 352 - Issues in Workshop Leadership: Tutorial

Resources and Tutorial to support the work of CAS 352 Workshop Leaders

Research topic video

Making Your Topic SMART

Search Strategies

To put the learning from this video into practice, look for concept worksheets (examples plus empty worksheets to download) in the Structuring Your Search box below.

Annotated Bibliography

As part of your assignment you may need to create an Annotated Bibliography. Check the links below for definitions and examples.

See the writing section.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility and Scholarship

Use currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose to decide whether to use or cite a source.

Is the article popular or scholarly?

For internet sources, learn ways to spot bad science.  Stop, investigate the source, find additional coverage and trace to the original.  The context matters.  Learn more about how Wikipedia has value, especially in the references.

Meet with a Librarian

Make and appointment with a librarian for research and technology ideas:

Sue Cardinal - schedule an appointment

Eileen Daly-Boas - schedule an appointment

Laura Dumuhosky - schedule an appointment

Arjay Romanowski - schedule an appointment‚Äč

Sarah Siddiqui - schedule an appointment

Wendy Way - schedule an appointment

SMART Research

Specific: Too much territory to cover? Be sure your scope isn’t so broad or so vague that you can’t answer your research question. Can you break a larger task down into smaller items?

Measurable: Establish clear definitions to help you measure (both qualitative and quantitative) if you are reaching your goal.  

Action-Oriented: What is your plan of attack?  Using action verbs, describe your goals and outline specific steps you will take to accomplish your goal.  

Realistic: What are some possible obstacles to this research? Set goals that you will actually be able to accomplish.  

Time-Bound: You only have a certain amount of time to complete your research, so plan accordingly.  Decide when you will start and finish your project.