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CASC 352 - Issues in Workshop Leadership: Home

Resources and Tutorial to support the work of CAS 352 Workshop Leaders

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Meet with a Librarian

Make and appointment with a librarian for research and technology ideas:

Stephanie Barrett - schedule an appointment

Sue Cardinal - schedule an appointment

Eileen Daly-Boas - schedule an appointment

Kim Hoffman - schedule an appointment

Sarah Siddiqui - schedule an appointment

Allegra Tennis - schedule an appointment

For videos and interactive websites, see Josh Romphf, Digital Humanities Programmer,, 585-276-6813




Citing Resources

Helpful citation guides like The Writing Center guide from the University of Wisconsin-Madison will provide assistance with the most basic and frequently cited materials. For additional and more obscure material types, search Google, as many other citation guides exist from university to university. See the below screenshot as an example.

Image of a google search to find additional citation-related assistance

Writing and Citing Help at UR