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CHEM 210 & 210W - Organic Chemistry

Library resources to support the work of students in chm 210.

Handout for Finding Properties & Spectra

SciFinder - Properties and Spectra


  • Search compound by name if you have it.  Some compounds have more than one name, ex. ethanol
  • Put molecular formulas in "hill order": Carbons first, then hydrogens, and then all other elements alphabetically.  With some databases, capitalization does count.
  • Chemical Abstract Registry number is like a social security number for a compound and is a very precise way to search.
  • Many resources have both property and spectra information.
  • Your boiling point may be higher or lower (+/- 5 degrees) than the literature values.
  • Notice the technique and instrumentation that is used for obtaining spectra.  Does it match yours?  If not, what differences between spectra would you expect?

Finding Properties

Interpreting Spectra

During Fall 2020 semester,  books in the reserves location behind the Carlson Library desk are not available for loans.  Please use the copy or older edition in the book stacks on the 3rd floor of Carlson Library.  

Finding Spectra

Resources in CHEM 210 Substance Search Videos