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Library resources suggested for this class.

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We’ve done our best to select the most pertinent materials for these Course Resources pages, but if these are not helping with your topic/project, we encourage you to use the Schedule an Appointment link in the Profile box on this page.

Resurces for this class

Let's start with some background:

Here are some specific examples:

Definitely also try the resources listed on the "Business Article Databases" tab for articles and news about social entrepreneurship. If someone has written about 'social entrepreneurship' in a particular company, setting, place, etc. the article/news databases are the way to find out about that.

So you have an idea. You might want to find out more about the "space" in which your idea/business fits - i.e., do some industry research. Especially for this class, the "Trends" part of Mintel should be very useful!

You might also want to figure out if there are any companies already doing what you're thinking of, or something close to it. The following databases are listed in order of company *size* that they cover: from smallest to largest.

Tweezing market/industry research information out of articles

If you can't find a report specifically on your company/product/industry in our market and industry research databases, you may have to comb the article databases for articles about your company/product/industry, and scan them for data: a statistic here, a percentage there. Yeah, I know, it's a lot more work! Here are your 4 best bets for business articles and news reports, in the order in which I would try them:

Also of interest...

Just a few of our many resources for statistical data, in order from "most local and focused" to "most wide-ranging and possibly odd."

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