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Library resources suggested for this class.

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We’ve done our best to select the most pertinent materials for these Course Resources pages, but if these are not helping with your topic/project, we encourage you to use the Schedule an Appointment link in the Profile box on this page.

Resources for this class

Here are a few tips to for researching:

  • Google often isn't helpful. The best business information is not free.  However, the library does subscribe to numerous resources.
  • When using these databases, adjust your search terms if you're not getting the results you hoped for--try synonyms and scour article titles, abstracts, and subject headings in your search results for likely search terms to use.  Sometimes a thesaurus or encyclopedia come in handy when brainstorming search terms.
  • Use double quotes to search multiple words as a phrase (e.g. "new age" finds these terms in exact order).
  • Use an asterisk to substitute for letters at the end of a word (e.g. crit* finds critic, criticism, critique etc.).
  • If you can't find what you're looking for, schedule an appointment!

Let's start with some resources specifically on this topic of "consumer behavior" - these are all ebooks:

And how about managing your consumer (customer) relationships?

These are the best databases if your research is consumer or "daily life products" or even sports! -oriented:

The following 3 databases are our best "all-around," full-spectrum-of-industries resources. If you're looking for industry reports for the US, China, or "Global" - IBISWorld is the place. If you need information for specific countries ("Beer in Ireland," for example) - MarketLine is the place. Just the United States - FirstResearch.

The following databases are our best resources for hi-tech or medical/pharma market research:

The following are additional possibilities; frankly, I don't find theses databases usually as good as the ones listed above, but wanted to give you as many options as possible:

Articles are great places to look for information or reports of studies on consumer behavior. Here are some suggestions, in order from Most Scholarly to most popular/news items:

In case 'branding' or 'brands' ties into your consumer behavior research:

Does this course call for hard-core number crunching? If so, you might want to take a look at the Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior series homepage at ICPSR. The University of Rochester is a member of ICPSR, so you can create an account and download all the datasets you want. Just be ready, though: this is not Excel-land, you'll need to be ready to work with SAS, SPSS, Stata, or R, and really read the Codebook that goes with the data. If all this sounds like a foreign language to you, move on to the other resources on this page! ;)

Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior

For quick numbers, especially on "hot" or "trendy" topics, try Statista:

For more traditional kinds of demographic or "business stats", try the following databases:

Other helpful resources

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