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BME 134 Material Matters


Foundational Information

Encyclopedia of Glass Science, Technology, History, and Culture, 2 Volume Set

A comprehensive and up-to-date encyclopedia on the fabrication, nature, properties, uses, and history of glass.

Fundamentals of Inorganic Glasses

Comprehensive reference on the field of glass science and engineering that covers numerous, significant advances.

How Glass Changed the World: the History and Chemistry of Glass from Antiquity to the 13th Century

Overview of the history and chemistry of glass technology from its origins in antiquity to its dramatic expansion in the 13th century, concluding with its impact on society in general, particularly its effect on chemical practices.

Glass Science and Its Applications

Covers the physics and chemistry of conventional glasses, sol gel glasses and glass ceramic materials as used in technological and biomedical applications.


This new work is dedicated to glasses and their variants which can be used as biomaterials to repair diseased and damaged tissues.

Victorian glassworlds glass culture and the imagination 1830-1880

Isobel Armstrong's startlingly original book tells the stories that spring from the mass-production of glass in nineteenth-century England. Moving across technology, industry, local history, architecture, literature, print culture, the visual arts, optics, and philosophy, it will transform our understanding of the Victorian period

The age of glass : a cultural history of glass in modern and contemporary architecture

The age of glass -- Stained glass -- Daylight -- Glass visions -- Structural glass -- Shade -- The politics of glass.

Radiance and symbolism in modern stained glass : European and American innovations and aesthetic interrelations in material culture

This book focuses on the aesthetic, symbolic, and cultural concepts of radiance and beauty in stained glass in modern art; global exchanges between stained-glass artists in Europe and the Americas; and the transformation of stained glass from religious decoration to secular material culture. Unique features of the book include its geographic breadth, encompassing England, France, Italy, USA, and Mexico, and its inclusion of American female glassmakers.

Ancient glass

This book is an interdisciplinary exploration of archaeological glass in which technological, historical, geological, chemical and cultural aspects of the study of ancient glass are combined.

Guidelines for use of glass in buildings

More and more glass is being used in buildings. It is no longer considered a fragile material. It is recyclable and affordable. Glass is available in a wide range of architectural, structural, optical and acoustical properties to address the varying requirements of buildings.


Taking up a most common object, rarely considered because assumed to be transparent, John Garrison draws evocative connections between historical depictions of glass and emerging visions that see it as holding a unique promise for new forms of interaction. Grounded in everyday examples, this book offers a series of surprising insights into how we increasingly find ourselves living in a world made of glass



Dale Chihuly has been exploring the plastic potential of blown glass for more than 40 years. His spectacular pieces challenge the apparent fragility of the medium and transport us to a magical world. This exquisite volume follows Chihuly's career through photographs of his series works as well as his monumental site-specific installations.

Art glass today 2

More than 250 photos of contemporary glass masterpieces--blown, cast, kiln-formed, carved, acid-etched, and more. The art here ranges from vessels to sculptures, tableware to garments, and reveals today's new directions and top levels of mastery.

A unity of opposites : recent work by Michael Taylor

Essay by Jessica Nicewarner and Marie Via.

"Published in conjunction with an exhibition of work by Michael Taylor, April 19-June 28, 2009, Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York."

Includes bibliographical references.

Michael Taylor : traversing parallels


Traversing Parallels' explores the work and life of American glass artist Michael Taylor, who has enjoyed a prominent career in the art glass world since 1967. The book focuses on work made from 2005 through 2017, exploring the conceptual progression of Taylor's work during this time and scrutinizing his notion of sociopolitical awareness and the responsibility of all artists to use their gifts to speak on social perspective. His cut and laminated glass constructions celebrate the progress of human ingenuity while also considering the wider implications of our impact on the world. Taylor himself provides autobiographical texts throughout the book, recounting his many years as a teacher of glass as well as his own education and evolution as an artist.

Michael Taylor : a geometry of meaning


As one of the pioneers of glass art, Michael Taylor helped open the door for glass as a creative means of expression. His original vision as a glass artist offers a way of perceiving this translucent form as a highly sophisticated art genre. His integration of laminated blocks of cast glass in which varying colours are placed against one another in a network of complex interlocking variations represents a vital contribution to the world of glass art. In his vast body of work spanning thirty-five years, Taylor demonstrates he well understands the science of glass, grasping its poetry, symbolism, and allegorical strengths. In his hands, glass is transformed into light, and the energy it holds is that of inspiration.


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