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Wellness & Health: Physical, Emotional, Social & Spiritual Health Resources

Importance of Taking Care of Your Health

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the stress of doing well at university. It is important to remember that your health should be your number 1 priority, and there are many resources available at the university and online that can help you with your physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Health Promotion Office

UHS Health Promotion Office

The Health Promotion Office provides a variety of health education and wellness programs. They focus on the topics that are most meaningful to our student body, including inclusive health, mental well-being, mindfulness, nourishment and body image, sexual health, and sleep. They also collaborate with the campus community and support a variety of student-led health promotion initiatives during the academic year.

Food & Nutrition

Food Pantry

Wilson Commons Food Pantry: The Food Pantry is dedicated to challenging the rising issue of student food insecurity on campus by supporting and serving all students and postdocs at the University of Rochester. Individuals can browse and choose non-perishable items during the Pantry’s operation hours in 105 Wilson Commons, or pre-order a bag for pick up.

Picture of dining center.

The Health Promotion Office has a list of resources focused on nourishment and body image, including an EAT Mindfully Program. 

University receives $1 million HECap grant for UHS expansion : NewsCenter

The University Health Service (UHS) offers nutrition services for student patients. These services are offered by a registered dietitian. Your UHS primary care provider may refer you to the dietitian, or you may choose to schedule an appointment on your own. We recommend checking your insurance coverage before receiving services.

Interfaith Chapel

Outside view of the Interfaith Chapel

The Interfaith Chapel is a place for people to worship in their particular faith and a place where people of different faiths, or no religious tradition at all, can share in dialogue, worship, and interfaith education. 

In addition to the large, street-level sanctuary, on two more floors there are two kitchens, the Brennan Room, a conference room, and a spacious river-level room for social gatherings, religious services, meals, and meetings. For those looking for a quiet, centering space, they have a small meditation room on the second level. The chapel has an indoor labyrinth that is open for meditative walking on the river level several times a month and gender specific ablution stations are available.

The University has many religious or spiritual groups or communities affiliated with the Interfaith Chapel. The Catholic Newman Community, the Protestant Chapel Community, Hillel, Chabad and Cru all have full-time chaplains or religious leaders who serve their student community, and three of those chaplains have offices in the interfaith chapel.

The Zen Meditation Group, URCF, Muslim community, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Agape are all served by part-time chaplains or religious leaders who share office space in the Interfaith Chapel.

The Hindu Students’ Association serves the religious and spiritual needs of Hindu, Sikh, and Jain students. They hold on-campus activities and sponsor trips off campus to the Sikh Gurdwara and the Hindu Temple. They are advised by the Director of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Health Resources

  • Sponsored by the USDA, this website offers credible information to help you make healthful eating choices. It also has numerous fitness resources to help you exercise. 
  • Live Strong: This website has a wealth of resources on nutrition and exercise. 
  • JumpStart by WebMd: WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. They have numerous resources focused on nutrition and fitness. 
  • Sleep Resources Collected by the CDC: This list includes numerous resources, such as Sleep Education, which can help individuals improve their sleep.  
  • CDC's Sexual Health Resources: This website includes information on sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive health, sexual violence prevention, health pregnancy, HIV/AIDs prevention, LGBTQ+ health, contraceptives, women's health, and teen sexual health. 

Fitness & Aquatic Center

fitness center 

The Bloch Fitness Center has over 50 pieces of cardio equipment, including ellipticals, bikes, and steppers, 10,000 pounds of free weights, and access to a fitness orientation. All University of Rochester full-time undergraduate and graduate students, R Club members, and their guests (who must be 16 years old or older) are welcome to pursue their personal fitness goals in the fitness center. 

Beyond the fitness center, numerous fitness classes are hosted each semester. 

Aquatic center pool

Housed in the Goergen Athletic Center, the Speegle-Wilbraham Aquatic Center has an eight-lane, 25 yd x 25 m competitive swimming pool, diving well with three-meter and one-meter diving board, sounds systems, and adjacent locker rooms. Students and R Club members can swim during the aquatic center’s open recreation swimming times. To join or learn more, visit the R Club membership page.


Students on a rock wall.

The University of Rochester also has several sports programs. 

Intramural sports: Organized programs that allow the students, faculty, and staff of the University to participate in team, dual, and individual sport activities. Intramurals provides the opportunity for physical activity, fellowship, promotes wellness and the use of leisure time.

Club sports: Club sports are formed as all-inclusive organizations in which participants can learn new skills, improve existing skills, engage in competition, or enjoy recreational and social fellowship. Each club at the University is classified as either a competitive club or recreational club based on their level of activity and scope.

Varsity sports: The University of Rochester has 23 different varsity sports teams, 11 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams.

Wilson Commons Student Activities

Exterior of Wilson Commons on a sunny day

Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) fosters a vibrant, inclusive campus community, where ideas and activities develop and thrive. They help students take part in creative programming and traditions, meaningful employment, experiential learning opportunities, and innovative services and facilities. They host numerous social, community, fun, and leadership events and programs throughout the semester. 

The University of Rochester has 270 College Student Organizations, Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Residential Life groups.